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  1. Cheryl, your website is incredible. I loved reading ‘your story’ & the pictures are wonderful. My absolute favourite is the one of the puppy looking up at the 2 Rosettes – it’s priceless & would surely rival the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale ads! I also like the one of the 3 figures in the boat. I know 2 of them are Dobes, but I’m not too sure about the figure in the middle & I’m afraid to guess in case I offend somebody, lol. I’d love to complete the puppy inquiry section, but the timing’s not right at this point.

  2. Thanks Anne Marie. Yes, that puppy pic is one of my all time favorites too! In the dinghy is Bob with Dylan and Charo. No worries. Thanks for visiting and commenting!!

  3. I LOVE your site Cheryl and Bob,,it is very informative ,I just loved looking at the pics,,Taz bought tears to my eyes,all pics are lovely congrat on a great Job putting this website together.hugs to all

  4. Thanks Norma – At the end of Nuggets spectacular day, after the storm, there was a beautiful rainbow. I looked at it and said thank you Tasman! He is always there and in my heart, as I know Lenny and their father are in yours. <3

  5. Well done Cheryl. get weepy looking at Tasman and knowing how great that loss was for you. I dread the day…Keep up the good work with the girls. Nice site.

  6. Thanks Carla. We so miss our “heart” dog 🙁 but the girls are pretty wonderful too.

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